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Many Performances to Meet Your Entertainment Needs.


Whether you're organizing a cozy get-together or a jam-packed auditorium event, Brad Eickhoff, The Magician has got the perfect show for you! Check out this quick rundown of his spellbinding performances, and don't worry if you can't find one that fits – just reach out to Brad and he'll conjure up a custom show tailored to your desires. All it takes is a simple magical request!  

Magician in Cincinnati
Platform Performance


Platform shows are crafted to entertain medium to large-sized crowds, perfect for every occasion and suitable for all ages. This thrilling 30-minute  or 45-minute performance showcases a diverse range of magical effects along with elements of color, humor, and audience engagement, making everyone a vital part of the show!

No special setup is required for this delightful experience—it can be held in almost any location (even outdoors). Brad will bring all the necessary equipment, ensuring a hassle-free event for you. Just sit back, relax, and let the magic unfold!

Magician in Cincinnati
Strolling/Walk-Around Performance


Strolling/Up-Close Acts are perfect for all kinds of spectators. The show can go on anywhere from one to two hours in duration. It's the ideal choice for alfresco gatherings and events that go on for several hours, like carnivals, outdoor parties, or social get-togethers.

This lively performance can also be divided over multiple hours or even days – great for weekend shindigs! Plus, it saves you some dough on your entertainment expenses!


Magician in Cincinnati
Combination Special


Hold onto your hats, folks! We've got a fantastic deal coming your way - a dazzling 30-minute show followed by a spectacular one-hour strolling performance, all at an unbeatable discounted price! Now you can relish both types of performances in one fabulous offer.


Get ready to have a blast with Brad's ultimate value-packed extravaganza!

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