Many Performances to Meet Your Entertainment Needs.


No matter if you are planning a gathering for a small group or an entire auditorium filled to the max, Brad Eickhoff, The Magician has a performance to meet your needs.  Below is a brief listing of the shows currently available.  If you do not see one that meets your needs, please contact Brad and discuss your needs.  A custom show can always be created for you.  All you need to do is ask!  Please note, virtual magic performances are now available.

Magician in Cincinnati
Magician in Cincinnati
Magician in Cincinnati
Platform Performance


Platform performances are designed for medium 
to large sized audiences.  The performance is ideal for all occasions and all ages.  The performance lasts thirty minutes in length and features a wide variety of magic effects.  The performance involves color, comedy and audience interaction.  The audience becomes an important part of the show!


This performance needs no special setup and can take place in any almost all locations (including outside).  The performance is self contained and Brad brings the needed equipment for the performance.  Less for you to worry about.  You can sit back and enjoy the show.


Strolling/Walk-Around Performance


Strolling/Close-up Performances are ideal for all audiences.  The performance can last between one and two hours in length.  The performance is ideal for outdoor events and events that last several hours in length.  Such occasions include festivals, picnics and social events.


This performance can also be broken down over several hours and days.  Ideal for weekend events.  Saves on your entertainment budget


Combination Special


This special package features one thirty minute 
performance and one hour strolling performance. Both performances are offered at a specially discounted price.  This allows you the opportunity to enjoy both performance types.


This is the best value Brad offers.