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Did someone say Birthday Party?

The phrase "Birthday Party" might send shivers down the spine of some folks, but fear not! Organizing an amazing birthday bash can be an enjoyable and thrilling journey if you follow a handful of easy steps. With Brad's assistance, both you and your Child one will experience the most fantastic birthday celebration ever!

Standard Birthday Party Performance



The Standard Package is an enchanting blend of magical moments, vivid colors, hilarious comedy, and engaging crowd participation. This spectacular package offers a 30-minute magical extravaganza where the whole audience plays a part while the birthday child becomes the true shining star of the show, dazzling everyone with their very own magical trick.

Deluxe Birthday Party Performance



The Deluxe Package not only embraces the Standard Package goodies, but also throws in an additional fifteen minutes packed with awe-inspiring close-up magic! Prepare to be mystified by card tricks, coin magic, rope illusions, and an assortment of other enchanting wonders. Who wouldn't want a double dose of magical fun? No wonder it's everyone's favorite package!

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