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Photo of Brad Eickhoff The Magician

About Brad -The Full Story

Brad Eickhoff, The Magician, is a lifelong resident of the Greater Cincinnati area. His magical journey began at the tender age of five when he became enchanted by magicians performing at local events. To learn the tricks of the trade, he eagerly borrowed every magic book from Kenton County Library in Covington, Kentucky. Not stopping there, Brad frequented Cincinnati's magic shops, gathered enchanting effects from around the globe, and absorbed wisdom from renowned Magicians and Illusionists at their lectures.


As Brad honed his magical abilities and performed at every opportunity, he became a master magician over four and a half decades. His enchanting performances continue to captivate audiences, while he also lends a helping wand to fellow magicians, crafting mesmerizing tricks for shows across the globe.



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